Courses in Brunn

Vitality. Creativity. Energy.
Better than holidays.
Strong back. Flat stomach.
Graceful. Flowing. Simply beautiful.
Strength. Endurance. Sweat.
Mount. Start cycling. Step on the gas.
Strong center.
Functional. Intensive. Time-saving.
Una Fiesta Latina!
Lifting. Lift. Getting stronger.
Short. Crisp. Six pack.
Sensual. Expressive.
Elegant. Powerful.
Dynamic. Challenging.
Posture. Strength. Quality of life.
Reaction. Coordination. Conditioning.
Energy. Strength. Health.
Get in shape!
Dance. Sense. Enjoy.
Inner peace. Balance. Harmony.
Weightless. Easy on the joints. Effective.
Good vibes only!
Short. Intensive. Effective.

Five Tibetans

Exercise sequence of 5 different postures. Move in harmony with your own breath, revitalise the body’s energy balance. Well-being for body and mind.

Carribean Dance

A dance session that reflects the joie de vivre and movement of the Caribbean. Dance away everyday stress, recharge positive energy.


Calm, efficient strengthening, conscious breathing. For a beautiful posture and a strong center.

Ballett Barre Workout

Classical ballet positions combined with elements from Pilates and yoga, trained on the ballet barre. Through small, targeted movements to trained, supple muscles and a wonderful upright posture.

Cardio Toning

Endurance and strength merge into one. Reduction of body weight, muscle definition & pure powering out!


Group training on the indoor bike. Motivating group dynamics, rousing music, intensity well adjustable.


Strengthening the muscles of the trunk for a stable muscleCOREsett. Mercilessly effective!

Pure Athletic

Intensive training session in a small group for advanced athletes. A must for all athletes!

Latin Mix

Simple basic steps, great music, pure joy of life. The cardio dance training for everyone.

Pump it up

Barbell training for all major muscle groups. Precise instruction, regular, systematic weight increase – effective hypertrophy training.


Strengthening of all abdominal muscles, activation of the deep stabilizers, washboard instead of raccoon belly in 20 minutes!

Oriental Dance

Flowing movements to beguiling music. Immerse yourself in 1001 Nights. No previous knowledge necessary!


Holistic method for strengthening and stretching the muscles with a focus on the trunk muscles, the so-called “powerhouse”.


Martial arts elements combined with classic endurance and strength training. The focus is on endurance (CARDIO), technique (TECHNIQUE) or both (COMBO).

Strong Back

Functional, precisely guided exercises for more stability, mobility and a beautiful posture. Pain-free, upright and ready for everyday life.

Thai boxing

Modified from Thailand’s Muay Thai. Endurance training, muscle building, self-defense – the superlative martial arts!

Qi Gong

Breathing, movement and meditation exercises in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine. Release energy blockages, stimulate regenerative power, physical and mental strengthening.

Body Shaping

Classic strengthening lesson for strong muscles, resilient bones and endless energy. Optionally with dumbbell, tube, step and other aids.


Latin American rhythms, simple step combinations, Salsa makes you fit and in a good mood. Entry possible at any time, addictive factor: high!


From Ahstanga to Vinyasa: use yoga to reduce everyday stress and recharge your batteries. A beneficial mixture of exercise, relaxation and meditation.

Aqua Fitness

Intensive full body workout in the water. Relief of the spine, better blood circulation of skin and connective tissue.


Dance workout to improve endurance and coordination. Simple step combinations, great fun factor!


A variant of the H.I.I.T. workout. 20 seconds of peak performance, 10 seconds of recovery. For burning fat, building muscle and increasing stamina.