We offer you


  • 10.000m² of training space
  • Over 100 group courses
  • Wellness area including pool
  • Top trainer at your side
  • Annual fitness checks
  • Includes parking spots

Strength training

Build up your muscles in a targeted manner in 1,500m². Whether in the free weight area or on guided equipment, strong muscles are the basis of every movement and will also help you lose weight.

  • More than 100 strength machines from Cybex, Gym 80 and Human Sport
  • Free weight area and barbell training
  • Power plate

Endurance training

Our cardio area leaves nothing to be desired! Strengthen your stamina on our equipment with integrated TV, Netflix and social media or burn calories in our group courses.

  • More than 80 cardio devices from Techno Gym, Precor and Life Fitness
  • Ergometers, treadmills, cross trainers, StairMaster and rowing machines
  • Indoor running track

Functional training

Functional training is diverse and increases your strength, endurance, speed and coordination in a variety of ways.

  • 70m² functional fitness room with TRX, kettlebells, bags, balls and peg wand
  • 200m² performance room with battling ropes, jump boxes, hurdles and slide board

Mobility training

Targeted fascia and mobility exercises help you improve your mobility and feel better all round.

  • 70m² “Pure Movement room”
  • Stretching area and fascia training with equipment from Black Roll and Dr. Wolff
  • Five© equipment parkour course

Wellness area

Relax in our spacious sauna area, regenerate yourself with a massage or find peace and quiet on our sunny roof terrace.

  • Finnish Sauna, bio sauna, ladies’ sauna, steam room, infrared cabin and solariums
  • Indoor pool 11 x 5 x 1.30 meters
  • 600m² roof terrace


Manhattan now offers even more on 6 floors.

  • 6 squash courts
  • 65m² yoga and meditation room
  • Ladies’ fitness in 110m²
  • Coordination room with climbing wall
  • Pilates training equipment