You provide the body.
We’ll provide the indulgence.

After work, in every sense.

 Put an end to your work.  Or your strenuous workout.
How many hours do we spend every day being active?  12, 13 or 14 hours and more?
Our body needs rest breaks, and these all the more urgently when our lives become more hectic.  The hamster wheel turns noticeably faster for all of us.  But it seems that the time has come to say STOP and get off.  At least for a few valuable hours.

Water in all its forms is the most precious natural asset.

 Due to our in-house water treatment system, it’s possible for you to experience in Manhattan the elixir of life – water – in a totally new dimension.  Immerse yourself and experience pure relaxation.
Let the warmth go to work and absorb new energy through every pore.  You can choose between a Bio Sauna (approximately 60° and without infusion) with colored lights, a Finnish sauna (approximately 90°, with infusion) and a women’s sauna – available for you during our entire opening hours.  And right afterwards, cool off again in Manhattan North with crushed ice to pleasantly stimulate your circulation.

Manhattan Nord
Manhattan Nord
Manhattan Süd
Manhattan Nord
Schwimmbad Manhattan Nord
Manhattan Süd

Sun, Light and Infrared Light

 The mild radiant heat of infrared light, in combination with temperatures up to 45° Celsius, has an enormously positive effect on the human body.
There are also, of course, different types of modern solariums available in our clubs.  Whether you prefer to tan while standing or to relax while lying on one of our climatized sunloungers, we have the right tanning device for every choice.
Our spacious outdoor area, directly connected to our swimming and spa facilities, is waiting for you – not only when the sun shines.  Sunloungers and shower facilities, surrounded by  numerous green plants, invite you to rest and relax.  Enjoy the cool shade under our sunsail awnings, or the food and drinks we are glad to serve you on the terrace.

When a person

comes to rest, he can function.   

The Manhattan SPA

 Did you know that the word spa comes from a Belgian bathing resort?  To be honest, we also had to look that up.  In complete contrast to the name “Manhattan”.  In any case, we find the connection between the two  wonderful – particularly whenever nurturing hands massage or caress us, care for us, and help us to look and feel our best.
Here, we’re training how to let go, smile, feel, relax and dream.
At the Manhattan Spa, you can indulge in treatments ranging from classic massage, sports massage and foot reflex massage, to manual lymphatic drainage, acupressure and medi-taping, to Shiatsu and singing bowl massage.
Full attention is also given to beauty care.  A variety of different treatments using the most modern techniques are offered – for women as well as for men.