You are fabulous.

Stay that way.

How old are you, actually?

 This is a question one doesn’t normally ask, certainly not on the start page of a website. But let’s be honest.  This is what it’s all about.  Every day, millions of people hurry to fitness studios to fight against it, against aging.  Our recommendation:  There’s no use fighting it, let it come.
But there is one catch.
In order for you to stay as you are, your health is the most important thing.  And that’s where we come in.  No other fitness company places so much value on health as we in Manhattan do.  Six doctors and 30 excellent, full-fledged trainers take care to ensure that you do the right thing the right way – from day one and as you go along.  This may sound unimaginable in other fitness studios, but it’s the norm in Manhattan.


Fitness studios

come and go. Manhattan stays.

True beauty comes from within.

  When we opened the first Manhattan Fitness & Squash facilities in Vienna, Heiligenstadt, more than 28 years ago, many people thought we were crazy.  A five-story building, as big as a furniture store, for the sole purpose of physical workout and wellness.  The concept of “fitness” did not yet exist.
Manhattan is a statement for a new lifestyle.
And that’s exactly what it is all about.  Creating something new and making sure that everyone really feels good. That’s why we built, in both Manhattan clubs, a whole floor just for workouts.  Completely surrounded by glass, filled with light, with very high ceilings, and the newest fitness equipment available on the market. A bit crazy?  Maybe.  But motivation that is constant and comes from the heart.


United, the weak are strong as well.

The most effective form of motivation.

 Everyone wants to achieve a lot when they come to Manhattan.  Large goals, strong intentions.  And each and every person struggles with their inner motivation.  “I’ll begin again tomorrow.”  We have often said this sentence because it is always difficult to find the motivation you need.
Since we tend to give up when we’re alone (especially when it gets difficult), Manhattan group fitness training is exactly the right way to keep on going.
Aqua Fitness, Back Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Fit Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Dance Classes and much more.  Discover Manhattan’s group fitness program and get started.
Not tomorrow. Today!

If you want to

achieve your goals, make a detour.

Allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing.

 The faster everything spins around, the more urgently we need time for ourselves.  It was already Ovid who said:  What is done without breaks does not last.  That’s why we in Manhattan found it very important to create spacious wellness zones where you can retreat, any time, 365 days a year.
Our range of offers includes swimming, sauna, steam room, infrared sauna, solarium, massage, cosmetic treatments, sun roof terrace in Manhattan North and a spa in Manhattan South.